Gabriella Cortese has a spirit for travelling within her soul. Italian by birth and Parisian by adoption, she has criss-crossed the globe. Born in Turin, she enjoyed a well-behaved childhood there. Her Hungarian grandmother taught her how to embroider, while her mother embodied the model of eternal elegance.

As an eighteen-year-old art student in search of freedom, Gabriella discovered Paris and its wild nightlife. Then, like the artists who went off to study the classics in the 19th century, she left for Tibet, on trail of Alexandra David-Néel and the last of the psychedelic dandies on the Silk Road.

In Bali, the thousand-year-old batik technique for printing silk inspired her to create her first range of pareos. Taking the word batik, Gabriella added antik, for the rhyme, and because it sounded good in all languages.

Having discovered India, she explored other techniques: embroidery and bandhani, an artisanal dyeing process. In 1992, ANTIK BATIK was born.



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